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Make sure to check back when the app is launched!

In the meantime, you can download the .apk here: bit.ly/3mE1Pme

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What does the ZoomAlert ecosystem entail?
Teams app(s)

ZoomAlert features two apps, one for parsing messages and another for alerting users of Zooms via bot. 

Android OS app

For all the Zoom-attendees-on-the-go-appreciating-Google-Linux-mobile-operating-systems, ZoomAlert features an app for easy Zoom-calendar viewing and one-click joining.
You can download the .apk for ZoomAlert here:

Apple iOS app

Since the aforementioned app is developed in Flutter/Dart, it is absolutely multiplatform, and you can expect all the Android functionality on your iOS device.


Why choose ZoomAlert?


We are the only real widely available software solution that automatically parses Zoom meetings. 

Absolute security

By automatic sanitisation of MySQL databases, ZoomAlert guarantees absolute security of your data.

Easy integration

ZoomAlert is first and foremost a platform built on intuitiveness and ease of use. Because of this, our product is simple to integrate into a Microsoft Teams work environment, and easy for a team member to use.

Where can I get ZoomAlert?

While ZoomAlert isn't yet released, you can download our demo apps for iOS and Android.

Be sure to check back in a bit when all the aforementioned services will be available for download! 

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